Cannot figure out how to add new host DNS to CF

I had a WP site with host A, and CF.
DNS on my domain registrar shows the CF DNS addresses.
My site admin is on vacation and can only tell me I need to “add the new DNS for the new host to my CF account.”
I changed hosts yesterday using the new host’s site migration tool.
Everything went perfect.
New host has given me the DNS addresses and says I need to point those to them for the WP site to work.
When I log into CF > DNS > it’s just a whole lot of stuff that makes no sense to me. I’ve read the instructions, gone on YouTube, scanned the community site. For Pete’s sake, I’ve never had more confusion changing DNS from one host to another. There are 2 dozen various prefixes and all sorts of other info. I see my old host under 4 of those with just one name-code-whatever.
Isn’t there just a simple way to add the new host DNS #s to my existing CF account?

Hi, in the DNS section of your dashboard there is a blue button like this one:
You click on it; Fill in the Type, Name and IP Address field; Click on Save and that is it.

Just one thing: if the Name already exists it won’t let you add another one.
You will have to locate it on the list, click on it and change the IP Address it points to.

Thanks - the new host confirmed what you said - I changed the IPv4 IP to theirs, clicked Save and all is supposed to be well now.
Thank you for the help and have a great holiday weekend.

Actually…sorry. One more question.
Aside from editing the “A” line --> site.url --> IPv4…
I see the old host’s IP shown for many other fields…config, autoconfig, Cpanel, ftp,etc…
do I need to manually edit all of those IPs too, to match the new host IP?

I would say so, if you are not going to use those services on that address anymore. But you are better off confirming that with the admin before changing.

Got it - thanks again.

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