Cannot Enable Proxy

My website shows problems when I enable proxy. I’ve disabled it now and everything works fine. Can anyone suggest why that would happen?

That will be because of your insecure server configuration. The site currently does not load on HTTPS and you need to fix this first. Contact your host to get a proper certificate and once your site loads fine on HTTPS, it will also work on Cloudflare.

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It’s loads properly on HTTPS now because I enabled Proxy again. Before I had disabled Proxy so that’s why it wasn’t loading properly on HTTPS.

But as soon as I enabled Proxy, I again have problems that I was mentioning earlier. Some of the problems I see are:

  • Cannot install a new plugin
  • Website is built using Elementor page builder. The Elementor page doesn’t load up.

Why do these issues happen as soon as I enable Proxy?

Yes, that also indicates an insecure configuration on Cloudflare.

Keep Cloudflare paused and proceed with the earlier advice.

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