Cannot enable cloudflare CDN service

We have joint your partner service, but they cannot enable Cloudflare CDN protection for us. They said our domain was registered by someone on Cloudflare but we don’t know who he/she is. We tried to get the domain back, but you instruct us to change our nameservers to Cloudflare’s nameservers. However, we have our own DNS and SOA, it’s impossible for us to remove our nameservers and change to your ones. Would you advise how we can enable Cloudflare CDN service? Our hostmaster can provide any prove to get back our domain on Cloudflare for enabling the CDN service. Please kindly advise. Thanks.

As you apparently don’t control the Cloudflare account that your domain is on, I suggest you lean harder on that partner service to resolve this issue. They, at least, have a business relationship with Cloudflare and should be able to demonstrate control of your domain.

Thanks for your advise. However, the partner said Cloudflare hasn’t provided any assistance to them. That’s why I post here to ask for help. I even cannot submit a ticket to Cloudflare, I have no way to get back our domain but i paid for the service, it’s ridiculous.

If the domain isn’t configured as being served from Cloudflare there should be no issue and the domain should drop off Cloudflare’s normal services automatically as it would be deleted automatically after not having the nameservers pointing to Cloudflare for a while.

It’s always recommended to register yourself the domain directly when needed. You should be able to do so even now.

So far, they haven’t been able to take care of you, and don’t seem interested in fighting for you.

And I would expect them to reimburse, given the service wasn’t provided. At all.

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I tried to register my domain by myself on Cloudflare, but Cloudflare requested us to remove our nameserver and add Cloudflare’s nameserver. However, we have our own DNS and SOA, it’s impossible for us to do that. Thanks.

Then, you are basically stuck. This addition of the domain must have been done in past few weeks, though. It usually gets purged within a week of being offloaded from the name servers and Cloudflare noticing. Might be a bit longer if you never activated it…

The only ones that can do something is the partner, they should actually be able to add it regardless. They just don’t want to go thought the slightly longer task.

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