Cannot edit SRV Service Name field

Hi, daft newbie question probably, but I don’t seem to be able to edit the SRV Service Name field in the DNS Add Record screen. Field defaults to .sip which is grayed out/non-editable. If I try and save with the grayed entry it shows error: “Invalid SRV service name. SRV service name must follow this format: _yourservicename”
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Greyed out, yes. “_sip” is the placeholder value shown as long as nothing is entered. Hence you get the error message when you try to save it, as there is no value.

But not editable? That should not be the case. So you cant click it with the mouse or navigate there with the tabulator key? Maybe try a different browser or a new browser profile.

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Thanks Sandro. Right on the money. Worked fine with IE, not on Edge. Cheers

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