Cannot download from github

I can’t seems to figure out at my end that I cannot download anything from github server site. Every works well last week but now I cannot seems to do anything. I do not know what is happening. I call my ISP and they claim that they did not block anything. I use cloudflare dns on my wifi router. There is something wrong with the Internet Network. When I revert back to my own ISP network. It too does not work at all. When I use back cloudflare, same thing happen. It does not work at all. I cannot do any VPN at my end either.

Can you screenshot the errors you’re getting and post it here? Cloudflare does not run GitHub so they’re probably not the issue on either end.

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I contacted my ISP. As yesterday my VPN network is down. I cannot seems to do anything at all. I cannot seems to download anything from my Raspberry Pi 4 Machine. I do not what the ISP does with the network. It seems that they are blocking everything. So I try the Cloudflare DNS. On my Wifi Router. That too does not work. Sometimes I cannot do any software updates. I do not know what to do. I try the other DNS still the same thing. I give up entirely. I do not know what to do now. I cannot do any screencapture on my device with raspberry pi 4. I am so sorry I cannot give you any screen shot. I do a DNS Router check on F-Secure. I think my ISP starts to block everything that I cannot seems to do anything at all.

Sounds like a network issue. Unfortunately, this forum is for things directly related to Cloudflare; we don’t handle general tech support, so I hope you can find help elsewhere.

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