Cannot Downgrade to Free & Refund, Created Ticket, No Reply

8 days ago my client created the following ticket (#3231219) but has not heard back:

I am unable to downgrade my plan to the “free” option as we are not using the domain at the time. I keep getting the error: Internal Server Error (Code: 1000) I tried it several times and from different locations.
Today, Cloudflare charged us for another year. Is there any way you can downgrade us to the “free” plan and refund us for the plan renewal? I would appreciate it. Please keep the domain renewal though as we want to hang on to the domain at this point.
Thank you for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you.

He tried to downgrade again today but still received the Internal Server Error (Code: 1000). Can you make sure the ticket did not fall through the cracks and is being worked on? I have been using Cloudflare for years and would like to still keep recommending it. Thank you!

Sorry for the issues and the long delay, I have flagged your topic here and ticket for my colleagues in Support.


Thank you @cloonan!


Hi @johannes5,

I have set this with a Billing colleague to review and respond back.
Apologies on the inconvenience.

Let’s follow up on the ticket: 3231219.

Thank you.

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