Cannot disable Access Policy on Pages - UI bug

Yo Cloudflare team, this should be fixed by now.

This is an exsiting issue that was marked as closed: Cannot remove "Access policy" on Pages

The issue: If you turn on Access Policy on Pages for Preview Deploys, you can not turn it off in the user interface (the only fix is via curl/api calls).

Having users disable the Access Policy via api calls is quite bad UX considering the method to activate the Access Policy is a simple one click button in the dashboard.

You can turn it off. What is preventing you from turning it off?

There is no option to turn it off. (Unless I am missing something painfully obvious).

I linked to a similar thread for context…There are serveral posts about this exact thing across this forum but all solutions seem to lead to “use the api to fix”.

When I click “Manage Policies” this is the screen I get with no options to disable Access Policy:

Looks like you haven’t got a plan yet - you’ll need to enrol into the Zero Trust free plan to be able to see the Access UI.

If you should have to do that to be able to disable it is another question and one that the team are aware of improving the user journey around.

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