Cannot deposit checks within the mobile Capital One iOS app

I get a error message when using the capital one mobile deposit service while on wifi and using as DNS server. Works fine when using other DNS servers or cellular data. is configured at the wifi router level and not on the iOS device.

Unfortunately I am unsure how to find the URL the mobile check deposit process uses on the app. Is there an easy way to get that info so you guys can try debugging this?

iOS 12.1.3
CapitalOne app v 5.46.0

What error message are you getting? I’m guessing it’s some fraud detection at their end that doesn’t like Cloudflare DNS throwing a wrench into their geographic routing.

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That would make sense. The error message isn’t very helpful, see screenshot.

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or that they contact another URL on a different domain with a broken DNSSEC implementation…

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Thats a question for them, not Cloudflare.