Cannot deploy to Cloudflare's global network

Got this error when Deploying to Cloudflare’s global network:

FatalError: Failed to upload files. Please try again. Error: {“text”:“A request to the Cloudflare API (/pages/assets/upload) failed.”,“notes”:[{“text”:“Service unavailable [code: 7010]”}],“kind”:“error”,“name”:“APIError”,“code”:7010})

We still got it running correctly yesterday, no new updated code.
What could I do here?

Hello there, I’m sorry to read that you are experiencing difficulties.

The timestamp and the error in question seems to match this incident about API Response Time Issue:

For clarity, are you still facing this API error?

Hey Luis,

Sorry for the late reply,
But from time to time, we still couldn’t deploy to Cloudflare. We received an error Received a malformed response from the API even after a few retry deployments.

Hello there, what is the API endpoint in question?

Could you share the full API command so we can review it? (redact sensitive information)