Cannot delete nameservers on GoDaddy

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I have a domain purchased through Go Daddy, hosted through Pixels, which is linked to an auto-generated shop via Fine Art America. They said to use Cloudflare to make it secure so people can actually make purchases through it. I’ve searched for an answer, and have not seen one yet, so I’m hoping someone can help me.

The problem is that in the Cloudflare directions to set up my domain it says:

  1. Remove the following nameservers

ns39 .domaincontrol .com

ns40. domaincontrol .com

However, on GoDaddy it says those nameservers cannot be deleted. I went ahead and added the nameservers Cloudflare said to add anyway, but is this something that will work? So far it doesn’t seem to, but it’s only been an hour.

Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the community! You can’t delete your nameservers, since they are the indicator that says where the domain is managed.

You should be able to add custom nameservers to your domain (note: that doesn’t apply if you register through Cloudflare Registrar). I’ve found a guide that may be helpful for you:

If you still need more assistant, please reply to this topic. You may also want to include your domain name, so that we can see if there’s something wrong with it. Thanks.

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Thank you. My domain is adas . photos
It is frustrating that the directions on Cloudflare explicitly say to delete the nameservers there and add new ones. It’s been several hours and nothing has changed. I’ve contacted support at Go Daddy as well to see if there can be some help there.

Did you check the guide posted by @Lumito
That gives the clarity on how to update the nameservers.

I assume you replace nameservers instead of deleting. Since you are deleting it, you may get this warning as well.

If you can share screenshot, that could be also great.


Thank you for asking.

I’ve had some issues in the past as GoDaddy changed their interface.
If I may share few posts for you just to re-check if it’s still related to GoDaddy interface and nameserver change:

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