Cannot delete/cancel my plan

Hey, fellow netizens, I’ve looked at the FAQs, but it seems only I can manage to beat the system and do something beyond stupid. So, here’s a little backstory:

I own a site, let’s call it, and I’ve registered it here on Cloudflare, changed the nameservers, and everything was dandy. I’m a free user, but I’ve purchased a $5 dedicated SSL certificate. Fast forward a few years later, I’ve put the domain on sale, and changed the nameservers to the domain-for-sale ones. As such, I no longer needed Cloudflare’s awesome services for this particular domain. I’ve clicked the remove site button, okayed it, and voila - no more site!

Everything was great, but out of curiosity I’ve looked at my billing summary, and specifically the subscriptions tab. Turns out that even after deleting the site, my subscription was still active:

According to the FAQ, there should be a cancel button. But perhaps due to it being just a SSL certificate, I should click the edit button. One problem, though, the edit button does not do anything. Nothing pops up, it is unresponsive.

I’ve tried different browsers, clearing my cache, and the almighty google only showed me other people having a similar issue without any resolution. What would be the best course of action in order to resolve this?

You should be able to cancel the certificate at

Should that not work I’d contact support.

Thanks for you response, @sandro.

Unfortunately, is no longer with Cloudflare, and since I’ve deleted the site here on Cloudflare after changing my nameservers, it means I cannot access the edge certificates or any site-related settings.

I do have another domain with Cloudflare on this account, but the edge certificates portion is related to that specific domain, and thus I cannot cancel or modify my dedicated certificate for

In this case

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