Cannot create MX records for second level sub-domain

I am trying to create an MX record for a second-level subdomain. Cloudflare is not allowing me to create the record. It says -
“DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Change the content of your MX record to be a hostname (and not an IP address).”

Cloudflare does not allow me to create an MX record for ****
It gives the above-mentioned error. I need this second-level subdomain to align the ‘Mail from Domain’ in Amazon SES.
We would greatly appreciate a solution to this issue.

The error message seems quite clear to me.

Or have you entered a hostname as the content and see the error anyway? I just tried creating a record like that and there is absolutely no problem.

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Have you tried creating an MX record as per this pattern -
Please note that it has two levels of sub-domains. The first level sub-domain is pm and the second level sub-domain is bounces.
Due to the multi-level sub-domain, Cloudflare is recognizing it as an IP address and not allowing me to create it.

Just created that record without issue. What are you specifying for the mail server?

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Sorry guys. The problem is resolved. There was an issue with the Mail server. I copy pasted and mistakenly included a number before the mail server name.

You guys are awesome. Thanks for your help.


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