Cannot create CNAME for Stripe

When I moved my DNS from Siteground to Cloudfare - only one of my Stripe records were ported over. I am manually putting in the Name and Value for each but since there is no way to save, the dashboard removes my domain from the end of the string.

For instance, the end of the strings should be, which appears when you paste it. But, after refreshing the page it looks like this: _domainkey. As a result, Stripe is unable to confirm my domain.

What am I missing?

That’s normal. DNS records either contain your entire hostname (, or just the subdomain name (‘www’, ‘mail’, etc.).

If that’s a CNAME, try setting it to :grey: and see if Stripe validates it.

In my case, I don’t have any CNAMEs that are only _domainkey. They’re all SOMETHING._domainkey
So you’re sure that’s the correct _domainkey hostname?

Support reached out on this. The issue was when I pasted the URLs into Cloudfare it stripped out portions of them. Not sure why. I pasted them into a text editor first and then copied and pasted them into the CNAME and then it worked. Thanks!

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