Cannot create additional MX record

I am currently using, or want to use cloudflare’s email routing service.
I have several emails wich I dont need an own inbox for, so its more convenient and better for me to forward them to one inbox or inboxes of users.
Since these emails change often and should be simple to design, I really like the cloudflare interface.

But now, I also need my own mail server in order to receive and send emails.
But to add an MX record, I have to turn off email routing.
When I do that and add my mail server in a way that it does not conflict with the existing records for the mail routing, I cannot turn on mail routing anymore.

It says delete conflicting records.

This is a shame!
How can I use both?

Oh yeah I also cannot even use own spf records.

You cannot - or better should not - mix mail related entries, as delivery will not be reliable in that case. For that reason, Cloudflare does not allow you to do that.

You either use forwarding or your own mail server, not both.

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