Cannot Create a Page Rule for a Cyrillic Url that is Encoded to More Than 300 symbols



Hi Team,

I have a popular blog post that I really need to cache with CloudFlare to ensure that it is always online. I want to set up a page rule, however the link is in cyrilic and it is transformed into 316 symbols, so I cannot really do anything. Can anyone help me with this? I really need to make use of the always online functionality for that specific page. Here is the link:

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Hi Atanas, using an online translation, this translates to 11-formulas-of-excel-which-to-start-to-use-now, can you copy edit the title (and url) to something like “11-formulas-of-excel-to-use-now” to get it under the 300 character limit? (I understand/suspect this will shift the problem and introduce forwarding issues…)

#3, not sure it will work but have you tried entering the URL as-is without the URL encoded characters?формули-на-ексел-които-да-започнете-да-използвате-сега

@cloonan, any chance to get that limit lifted/raised to a number to take non-latin characters into account?


Thanks for the input, @sandro, this definitely worked! Clever suggestion that i haven’t thought about!


Hi @sandro, +1, have made a note to pass that suggestion to product management.


Thanks for your input @cloonan. This idea totally makes sense, as it is likely that more people also have a similar issue in future.