Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)


In the past those CNAME record where possible, I did that for mailchimp, but now i have this weird error message:
Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)"

Do you know how we can do it now?


So you have some NS records for, and are now trying to create a CNAME for Is that correct?

If that is the case, then they are stopping you from creating a DNS record that nobody would ever be able to resolve. It is impossible to create a CNAME for while also delegating that subdomain (a DNS protocol limitation, not a Cloudflare limit).

Glue is the scenario where the NS records look like this:  IN  NS  IN  NS

You would be allowed to create the A records for and, otherwise they would be unreachable.

No one care that they are not resolved correctly, this is only used to be able to authentifiante that we are the owner of the domaine as we can add record in the DNS, so this need to be possible, a lot of tool use those kind of record to authenticate. please put it back

If you have delegated a subdomain, it is not possible, but some more information about your particular situation would help.

Do you have NS records for
Are you trying to create a CNAME for
Are you trying to create a CNAME for

we are using mailchimp, and they are asking us to to that :

Authenticate with Mailchimp by modifying your domain’s DNS records. These changes allow your campaigns to appear to come from, instead of our default domain. After you’ve made the required DNS changes, please wait 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate. Why should I do this?

Create a CNAME record for with this value:
Create a second CNAME record for with this value:

Don’t see any reason those specific records shouldn’t be allowed as they aren’t for a zone you have already delegated elsewhere. I’d recommend double-checking the values you’re creating.

It’s working today :wink:

Thanks for the help

On the off chance that someone else comes across this looking for a workaround to, say, trying to add a CNAME for when is delegated, you can delete the delegation NS records for, add your CNAME for, then re-add the delegation NS records.

(Not that I’d claim it’s a great use case, but it seems to work when, for example, is delegated to nameservers with private IPs, at least for the kind of use case described by the OP.)


I am having this same issue - “Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)” and I am trying to add the same 2 CNAME records as the previous posts as requested by mailchimp to allow our domain to work with their servers:
I don’t believe this should have any issues whatsoever, as this is a standard CNAME record.

From the above posts it looks like it is hit and miss as to whether this works or not! Can someone please advise why this would still be failing?

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