Cannot Control Domains Registered with Cloudflare Registrar


I have some domains that I transferred to Cloudflare Registrar at some point, and have for some reason lost control of managing the domains themselves through Cloudflare. Everything else like DNS works fine for said domains, its just things like renewing or transferring the domain away etc I cannot do.

According to whois for said domains, they are still with Cloudflare Registrar, are within date, and are pointing to the name servers assigned to my account, and DNS changes do take affect.

For privacy reasons, I do not wish to provide the actual domains in question here, but for Cloudflare staff that look into this, I have also opened a ticket within my account (2174937) for said domains if you need to know this information. Your bot asked me to also post it here, even though I figured it would require personal attention.

Hopefully someone can help me with this issue, and that the responses here help someone else with a similar issue. Thank you all in advance for any contribution to solving this issue.

Are you saying that you can see the domains in your account, but you can’t do anything with them?

Are you on a multiuser account?

Hello @sdayman

Thank you for responding.

The domains are in my account, I can manage all regular features as if the domains were registered with another registrar, its just registrar features I cannot access or use. The page appears in a loading loop and has been like that for as long as I can remember, and have been meaning to do something about it, and have only just got round to doing so.

Have you tried the usual: Purge browser cache; incognito mode; different browser; different device?

Yes have tried all that. The expiry date according to cloudflare means the domain should have expired ages ago, but public whois confirms its still very much in date.

Maybe a syncing issue with the registry? Not something I can fix if it is.

Maybe @cloonan or another support engineer who’s on today can take a look at it.


After doing some digging around in the inspecter for that page, there is a 404 Not Found for the subscription part of the API and 422 Unprocessable Entry on the renewal part of the API.

Looks like the domain page is trying to access a part of the API and getting denied for some reason.

Hopefully this information helps. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help get this resolved.

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