Cannot connect with Jetpack when cloudflare is ennabled

Lately i am having connection problems with Jetpack (the android woocomerce app is not connecting which is making use of the XML-RPC server)
After disabeling cloudflare I was able connect the android app with Jetpack again.
I checked if the XML-RPC server is working by following this URL:
It’s showing: XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only. (which means that everything has been set up correctly)
Currently, the Cloudflare’s SSL settings are properly set, the website is forced to load via CNAME .

Following this link shows that cloudflare is acctively blocking this page:

After disbaling cloudflare the blockage seems to stay active. However the mobile android app is conecting again.

A short summary how the deconection oucoured. (not only the jetpack connection stopped working)
And possibly this is also giving some hints what is going on. (it all stoped working on one day)

  1. aftership shipping pluging could not connect trough the api (fixed this by changing the link towards my website as non [www](then it started working again.

  2. Coingate bitcoin payment system could not connect trough api.

  3. Jetpack connection stopped working.

I have also tried t send this question to cloudflare support but i get an automatic anwser, after the relplying to this email to talke to a real person I get an undelivered notification by email becuase the cloudflare mail client is flaging it as spam.

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Are you seeing something in Firewall Event Logs that show the request being blocked?

following this link it shows a blockage notification in the cloudflare firewall.
However problem has been solved after disabling the Weglot translation plugin.

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Hello Koen,

I have the same problem as you for one of my website. I have tried everything I could think of (and was recommended) with no luck so far.

Finally, I have been recommended to whitelist (on cloudflare) my xml-rpc file. Have you tried it, and is it safe?

I am, also, wondering if you have resolved the problem for your site, and if yes how?



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