Cannot connect via One wireless service to ZT, Warp client keeps saying disconnecte


We have two users who work in a shared office space in a remote office. ZT has been working for the last several months as part of a trial on their laptops.

Randomly starting this week, they cannot connect to ZT using the building’s supplied wireless service. I’ve tried to reach out to the wifi provider, but they have said no changes have been made.

They can use their mobile hotspots to maintain their connectivity via ZT.

Where should i start to figure out the issue?

Are there some warp logs on the machines I can refer to?

I did generate the warp-dubgging-info, but that produced 67 TXT files, which feels too verbose to review.> Before asking, did you search first? Press :mag: at the upper right to search.

Could I ask you to create a support ticket and share with the support team the warp-diag file to help them investigate this issue you are seeing?

Hi, I don’t believe I can. We are a small customer and still doing a trial of ZT, and we don’t get access to support. I’ve loaded a credit card, but the pilot still only has about 15 users.

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