Cannot connect to website from cloudflare custommer. (IP blacklist ?)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I host a podcast feed at:

This podcast is standard compliant and can be used by all major podcasts aggregators (iTunes, google podcast etc).

The “” aggregator uses cloudflare services. For an unknown reason, this site cannot reach my site at It seems that the address “” (or its IP) is filtered.
After checking with the company hosting (, there is no inbound filter at I don’t see any connection from podmust IP address of podmust (which belongs to cloudflare) in the server logs. The problem must be at the level of the podmust site (cloudflare).

The following message appears in podmust logs : “Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds”.

Do you know where the problem can come from ?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Julien is not on CF at the moment, so it’s hard to debug… But I don’t see a reason to use the CF proxy to delivery this xml feed, there is nothing to cache on the CF servers… So you could create a subdomain which is not proxied (:grey:) for the xml feed, if you want to put your site on Cloudflare.

EDIT: I reread your question, maybe I misunderstood and you are not a CloudFlare user, in this case the fact that is on cloudflare doesn’t matter, because the request is done from the server of podmust to your ip, and it receives no response… I tried to download the podcast in different ways and to me it works, you should ask to them how is the download made, but yes it seems a firewall block…

Thanks @francesco
Indeed, only podmust uses the clouflare service (I don’t know exactly how, because I don’t control this server, but the output IP belongs to cloudflare).

I also thought about a firewall problem, but the host of (infomaniak) certifies me that everything has been checked, there is no cloudflare IP blocking anywhere.

So I think the blocking must take place at podmust outbound. is it possible that my site is blacklisted somewhere at cloudflare?

same issue

Are you using, too ? Or same problem with another website ?

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