Cannot connect to my FTP account!


I just added my domain yesterday to evaluate this system and now my FTP credentials through Filezilla to my hosting location does not work. I host with GoDaddy and did the nameservers change yesterday and now I have this problem.

Anyone have ideas?


The search → Search results for '' - Cloudflare Community

The topic has been covered millions of times. You basically need to unproxy the DNS record in question.

I searched and could not find anything.

Ehm, the very first entry already

Ah, I see. Yes. Ehm… That means find a different CDN to work with. Thanks for your query resolution support, it made my choice so quick and easy! Cheers.

You could still use Cloudflare, you simply cant connect with FTP via the proxies. Either you use an unproxied record or the IP address instead. Another - way pricier - option would be an Enterprise plan which would also support more than just HTTP.

Of course, another provider which supports FTP is also an option.

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