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Good day
I am running a domain I bought from GoDaddy through Cloudflare.
Everything is working, except I no longer receive e-mails nor can I connect to the server on my phone.
Interestingly, when I log in to the cPanel, I can send e-mails (but I do not receive any e-mails)

I have gone through previous posts (especially the one referred to above) but still no luck.
I really need help please…!
DNS Records

I did a quick :search: for “troubleshooting email #Tutorials” and found this great #Tutorials on email setup that may help.


Thank you so much “cloonan”, the tutorial was spot on and I managed to resolve the issue.

I amended the MX server name from my domain to mail.domain as well as turning the POP3, POP, smtp and webmail records from orange to grey clouds.

After that, mails are coming in thick and fast!

Thanks again for your kind assistance

Warm regards

Christiaan Coetsee

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