Cannot connect to mail server after moving to Cloudflare

Greetings to all

My company has recently moved over to Cloudflare, and we are now sitting with an email issue. Outlook does not send/receive emails and is constantly asking for a password. We have set our DNS records as follows:

The MX record that is redacted in red is the spam filter domain that we received from our mail provider, which they were using before. As per Cloudflare’s recommendation, we put in the second DNS record with the priority of 1. The IP address for all the A records is the same.

Please let me know if there is anything wrong here, which might explain why mail clients like Outlook and Mail cannot connect to the mail server?

All of your mail related entries should be :grey: without knowing what protocol Outlook is using or what host it is configured to talk to… at a minimum you auto discover record needs to be :grey:

You may have other missing or misconducted DNS records. If the issue persists look at your client logs and try some diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the misconfig.


Thank you so much @cscharff. I will do so. It didn’t work when I changed autodiscover to :grey: , but I will try look for a misconfig.

Check the POP3/IMAP/SMTP hostname.
You should use for sending/receiving server.
Check the SSL settings too and if the hostname is in the SSL certificate too.

Thank you for the advice @fritex.

We did try it out, and we suspect that the issue had something to do with SSL. However, for our hosting company to go out of their way to find the issue would have cost us extra, so we have reverted to where we were without Cloudflare and will pick it up again at a later stage.

Thank you to all who responded, we appreciate the assistance.

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