Cannot connect to local PC via it's name when using CloudFlare DNS


I use a Mac and using Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to my home PC on my local home network.

On the Mac, I have changed my DNS Server to Cloudflare’s (etc). This way, however, I am not able to access my PC using it’s name. I have to access it using it’s IP address. This is no good since the local IP is constantly changing, so each time I have to login to my router, get the PC’s IP and use that to connect.

Using the default of course, have no issues accessing the PC via it’s name.

Is there anything I can do (and if so what) to use Cloudflare’s DNS but at the same time be able to access the PC on my local network via it’s name?


The issue here is that the local router maintains a list of local DNS addresses, doesn’t have access to those.

The only solution would be to either map local IPs to a domain globally accessible (if supports replies with those addresses, but it should work) or make the router make requests to and the local machines go to the router.


Thank you for the reply. This sounds complicated, so I think I just leave this alone as is.

Nothing complicated in the second alternative, unless you are using a router that doesn’t support custom DNS servers or you are using a DNS-over-HTTPS/DNS-over-TLS setup.

Open your router, set it to use and (and possibly IPv6 if you use it) and then allow all network computers to use the router at (for your case, can be anything you decide it to be) as DNS just like before.