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We recently change our hosting from BlueHost to Kinsta, but we’re having an Error 1016. We checked our previous hosting and our domain was never connected to CloudFlare. But Kinsta detected that it’s connected to CloudFlare. We do not have access to the original account creator which is the domain originally connected to. So as a workaround base on the community posts that I read, I reconnect the account to CF and change nameservers to CloudFlare, it worked when I reconnected and then deleted all the DNS records and remove the site BUT after the DNS propagation we got the same error. Could you please help? We wanted to use the Kinsta CloudFlare to work.

That sounds like this very long thread:

Oh…you already saw that thread. That’s pretty much everything.

Only Cloudflare Support can check your domain’s settings.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Thank you for your response… Yes, saw it already, I read all related thread and tried everything but none of them work… :frowning:

Hi there,

Can you please share the domain in question so that we can investigate further?

this is the domain Right now, we are using the kinsta legacy IP just to make the website up while we are figuring out the Cloudflare issue. Below is the screenshot from Kinsta where the domain is connected to Cloudflare.

Ok, thanks. From what I see, you’ve added the site to Cloudflare as Full setup, which is Pending at the moment as you have not switched over your NS. However, in reading Kinsta’s article:

  • If your existing domain is already managed and protected by Cloudflare , you will be unable to use our Cloudflare integration at this time. While we support enabling our Cloudflare integration for new domains that use Cloudflare, support for existing domains that use Cloudflare will be added in the near future .

I’m assuming you’ve read through and followed the steps in that article in regards to the configuration for your Kinsta site + Cloudflare? Specifically this part:

Point Your WWW Domain to Kinsta
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OK, so you know and understand.

First, we transferred our hosting to Kinsta. Changed the DNS, website migration etc. After the DNS propagation, we’ve got an error Cloudflare 1016 (as screenshot above). So we transferred it without knowing that it’s connected to Cloudflare, but the first developer said that it was never setup in Cloudflare.

Kinsta support said that in order to make it work in their server as they are using direct Cloudflare integration, we have to disconnect it to Cloudflare first so they can fully manage the DNS. We do not know who or how it connected to Cloudflare because the first developer confirm that it was NEVER connected to Cloudflare neither on Bluehost. I read some post here how we can retrieve the ownership of the original Cloudflare account but no luck.

We tried to reconnect the domain to Cloudflare using a new account and then changed the NS to Cloudflare. The website worked with Kinsta DNS records on CloudFlare. However, we wanted to let the Kinsta manage our DNS and just use it’s built-in CDN. So we deleted ALL the DNS records from Cloudflare and remove the domain in the new account associated with it.

After the DNS propagation, we’ve got the same issue and error. Kinsta said that it needs to disconnect from the original account associated with the domain, they sent us the Cloudflare ns IP where its connected to (screenshot above). BUT we have no way how to retrieve that original account.

Due to try and error of ns changes on GoDaddy, we are locked out by GoDaddy. So we temporarily use the legacy IP of Kinsta while we are still figuring out how we can completely disconnect the domain from Cloudflare.

There’s no other way we can think of on how to resolve this issue but to use Cloudflare, so we’ve added the domain to Cloudflare again BUT not changing the NS yet because we have to wait for GoDaddy to unlock our account.

I hope this makes sense. Apologies if it’s not clear.

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