Cannot connect to cloudfare WARP in Egypt

I am unable to connect to cloudfare warp
Many of my friends and people in Egypt complains the same issue for around 10 hours now…
What’s going wrong?

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Unfortunately, our stupid government is blocking VPNs and it seems they have blocked WARP too

The Wireguard protocol has been blocked for a couple of months now, it does work intermittently/randomly tho. Cloudflare’s WARP is a modified/enhanced version of the WG protocol and apparently the ISPs/Government caught up and blocked that aswell.

The only protocol I’m having luck with at the moment is Softether. The GUI client is only windows friendly tho so no luck on my mac/phone at the moment.

Shadowsocks is also an option if you just need a proxy.

Will probably have to self-host either not many reliable providers for these options that I know of.

Me too

I’m unable to connect using cloudflare with warp in egypt, I asked my isp if it was possible to change the dns to cloudflare and they did but I’m still unable to connect at all

Unable to connect in Egypt

May I ask do you use any Cloudflare service like Cloudflare WARP, Cloudflare Access/Teams , or rather Cloudflare DNS

There are some issues going on currently which can be seen at Cloudflare Status page in terms of a Gateway and a few locations being re-routed, if so:

Cloud flare warp or DNS not connect

[Last Update] They application keeps disconnecting and reconnecting for a few minutes (1-5) then it works !

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I wonder if it’s fishing around for a connection that’s not blocked.

Have you tried using the WARP profile on WireGuard? In my country, the wireguard protocol was also blocked, I could not connect to WARP servers.

After a lot of searching on Google, I found a way to use Wireguard, and in the application I wrote a different “custom endpoint” to bypass the government block.

Endpoint =

Unable to connect still

has anyone found a fix yet?