Cannot Connect to with a Static IP connection in Router

I have been trying to set up my router so all my devices can use the dns but no avail, I thought it was my router’s problem but even after getting this new AX router, the page still says I am not connected to, My Router atm is TP-Link AX1800, I will post images of all the places I could find of DNS settings and changed the DNS already, if you need ANY other info please ask, I really want to use freely without using the phone app. after setting these dns changes I restarted my router, modem and laptop, still no

/help page link :

Hi @neonofxeon, glad to hear you want to our product. The DHCP settings look good to me, can you make sure your devices are using DHCP? What browser did you use to check the help page? You can run command like nslookup, and it shows the server your OS is using.

I ran the command, this is the output, browser is mozilla firefox

but in i am still getting not connected to

The output of nslookup proves that your system setting is in good shape. Now you can check the network settings in firefox, make sure it uses system DNS config or whatever you want it to use.

Thank you! I had to enable Use DNS over https in firefox network settings

now it is finally showing connected to in

My last question is what setttings did i actually needed to change in my router? Should I put ONLY in dhcp settings? and NOT in static IP settings? and restore the dns address in static ip settings that my isp provided?

Setting DHCP to handover the DNS config to your devices is enough for them to use it. The internet page you referred is to set DNS for the router itself.

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Please help me too.