Cannot connect at all

AFAIK I have configured everything correctly.

First, I tried to expose ssh and a minecraft server from a Linux machine. Pings to my subdomain were always returned, so I knew that the subdomain was updated, but when I connected with minecraft it always timed out. The dashboard took a while, but eventually reported healthy connection. Even still, it did not work.

After a while of trying to get it to work, I switched over to my Windows PC, where I tried exposing a Jellyfin server. There I got Bad Gateway error 502. I have tried the no TLS verify option, and it helped nothing. Logs from my Windows PC I couldn’t get yet, as I have no idea where they are.

What could be my issue?

Ah ok it was working the whole time. Both ssh and the minecraft server wouldn’t work as tunnel is only really doing anything for http and https protocols, and my jellyfin was misconfigured.