Cannot check PTR record

Hello, I’m using Mailcow as my mail system and to work it needs a few DNS records. I set every DNS records and Mailcow checked all successfully - except of one record

It needs amongst other things two PTR records. One record was checked and set successfully but the other one didn’t get detected. I set it three days ago and today it still didn’t work

I also checked the PTR records with other tools. They just detects the first PTR record but not the second one

I checked the record multiple times, everything is setup correctly

I would be very glad if you could help me, if there’s already a topic I’m very sorry, I searched for it but didn’t find anything


PTR records are only used on reverse DNS zones, and generally not used by Cloudflare customers. If you are looking to get PTR records for :orange: dns entries, then you cannot. They are almost never actually required. If you do need them, then whoever is providing the IP address for your email server will need to create them. This will never be Cloudflare.

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