Cannot change the nameservers need IP address of Cloudflare nameservers

IT support says I cannot change nameservers at registrar since It will disrupt the mail service to the whole company. They say I need the IP address of the Cloudflare Nameservers and they will point to them in the DNS record using the IP address, instead of changing the nameservers.

My domain is
The registrar is GoDaddy
The email is served by Microsoft
The website files are hosted at Bluehost

I searched for the answer in the docs and used a service to try to find the IP address of the Cloudflare nameservers but IT says the IP is forbidden.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is my IT dept going about this in the correct manner?
  2. If they are how to I find the IP address(es) for them to create the proper DNS record?

Many Thanks

That is not going to work unless you have a Business or Enterprise plan on Cloudflare and use a CNAME setup (and so cannot work on the apex domain)…

What you really need to do is add the domain to Cloudflare, get your IT people to add the required mail DNS records to the Cloudflare DNS, then you can change to Cloudflare nameservers which, if everything is set correctly, should give no downtime. But I guess you’ll need to work on them to get that done!

This is the checklist…

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Thank you very much. It looks like the only way to do it is to upgrade to the Business plan or change the registrar so I can change the nameservers.

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