Cannot Change Subscription and not with a partner HELP PLEASE

Hi can someone please help me?

I am trying to change my subscription plan but do not have any option to do so. After contacting Cloudflare they just keeps telling me to contact my partner.

I am not with any partner as I have opened the account and manage my own billing.

No one can answer my questions and now I have to go to the bank to cancel my credit card as I have no option to do anything on Cloudflare.

They also do not want to tell me who my assumed partner is?

Is there anything I can do as I am busy loosing my mind here!!!

You shouldn’t need to cancel anything. Blocking a withdrawing party should be offered by most banks, in which case Cloudflare shouldn’t be able to charge your card any more.

But anyhow, what’s the domain?

Is there a way to determine who they say your partner is as I did not sign up with anyone else? I just know when my domain was first with A2Hosting I linked my Cloudflare there but I do not go through any company to manage my Cloudflare?

That’s most likely that “partner”. I’d write to them and ask them to cancel anything they have on Cloudflare in regards to your domain.

Should they not respond, then you can only go via Cloudflare’s support and ask them to remove that themselves. Right now your domain is on a proper Cloudflare setup and that should be visible to support as well, so keep pointing that out.

I am afraid that’s something only support can fix.

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, so it might not be using a partner setup at this point. @laurie drops by from time to time and maybe she can take a look. If you post your ticket #, it will be easier for her to check on the situation.

Thank you Sandro. I completely removed my domain now and will see if this makes any difference. i also asked Cloudflare who my ‘partner’ is and hopefully they will come back with an answer!

Hi Sdayman. Should I just post all the responses in this chat?

Removed it from where? The Cloudflare integration at your host’s? That should do the trick. Otherwise - as mentioned - I’d really contact the host first and if that does not work insist on Cloudflare’s support fixing it.

On A2hosting. It was my main domain there although I have no files for my website on them anymore. The also said that I am using full DNS on Cloudflare and should not make any difference!

If you have not already, I would recommend that you go ahead and reach out with a ticket to [email protected] and our team can directly address your concern. I do see that your domain name is set up through a reseller account at this time.


If you still had some settings with them, that will most likely explain that response. If you now removed it, that should also make its way to Cloudflare. I’d still wait a bit and that should clear on Cloudflare too.

Thank you Laurie for looking into this. I will log a ticket at [email protected]. I already did log one on the ticket system.

No need to send another, I have located and escalated it.

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Thank you Laurie. Just missed your message and sent an email to billing. I really appreciate your assistance in this matter! I am very happy with your services and just found my hands to be cut off as I no longer can manage my billing from my Cloudflare account. I really hope that my ‘partner’ can be removed so that I can be a happy customer again. Thanks again to you and Sdayman as I was about to cancel my credit card as I am starting to panic of who this partner is and how they got permission to manage my account on their behalf!

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As I mentioned, you removing that should have removed it anyhow and I’d expect it to work shortly. Plus, there really is no need to cancel a credit card as I explained in the first reponse.

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I think I am just panicking to whom my supposed ‘partner’ is and whether they have access to my personal information. In my country there are so many fraud with Credit Cards that you literally cancel everything if you suspect something. I do not want to cancel my subscriptions with Cloudflare as I am very happy with the security and information I get and though this would be my last resort if I do not come right. Luckily Laurie assisted greatly and hopefully someone will attend to this shortly. Thanks for your help and assistance too!

As I originally mentioned the partner will have been your host and that integration will have stopped the changes. Once you disabled that - and once that made it to Cloudflare - there shouldn’t be any such integration any more and so no such warning either.

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@Laurie can you please find out what is going on as my request is still not resolved? I just got an email that my pro plan subscription was cancelled and I never requested the team to do so? The issue that I am facing and logged is that I cannot manage my subscriptions under the billing section from Cloudflare? Why did they cancel it?


Your account is set up through a reseller plan, if you are wanting to use Cloudflare direct plans you would need to set your account directly through Cloudflare. That is the reason that it was unmanageable in your dashboard.

which reseller? I am not with anyone that I am aware of? I initially created my account with Cloudflare?