Cannot Change Registrant email address

Last year I transferred all our .uk domains from OVH to Cloudflare.

I have just received an email from Cloudflare to check the registration details and spotted that all the contact email addresses for all of these domains are wrong.

I didn’t realise that OVH uses a temporary email address for all contacts when it transfers out to which I have never had access.

How do I change the registrant email addresses for all our domains when I never see the email sent to the existing (temporary) email address?

All the domain contacts are the same - I can update all the other contact details and emails except the registrant one which I can’t change.


Can you please send us a request to billing at Cloudflare dot com to assist you further.
Please let me know the ticket number once completed.

Thank you very much.

Thanks @gloria - the ticket number is 2474628

@gloria - great just got a robot response that the email address I used is no recognized. Will redo…

@gloria - ticket number is 2474634

Thank you for opening it, I will follow up in the ticket.

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