Cannot change nameserver on VPS that is current nameserver


Our current VPS server is also the nameserver for the domain. I tried changing the registrar record to Cloudflare, but a whois query still shows the current nameserver.

Is there something else that would need to be done on the current system? I would think the registrar would override anything else, but obviously that’s not the case.

Thanks in advance!

The registrar should be it. Depending on who that is, it can take a little time for the change to go live, though. How long ago did you change it? And who is the registrar?

It’s been about an hour. I know it can take up to 48 hours, but another one I did this evening switched over in a couple of minutes.

dotster is the registrar

I would just wait a while longer. Usually it’s almost immediate but I’ve seen it take some time. I’m not familiar with dotster to know how it normally goes. Double-check that everything looks right at the registrar and see how it looks tomorrow.

Thanks, I will check again in the morning. Appreciate the help!

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