Cannot change DNS CNAME flattening setting

One of our domains has been changed to “cname flattening all” for some reason, and we need a new cname to resolve as a CNAME.

I’m unable to change the setting back to “root only” because the option is greyed out!

I can’t find anywhere in my account to change this setting/feature, and every post I’ve found here talks about the opposite situation.

Need to get this fixed soon. I have a ticket open, but it’s been 8 hours and no response.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Are you still on a paid plan?

Unfortunately, I don’t see an API call for that. I just changed my setting, but can’t see the API call in the Audit Log entry.

Can you post the ticket #?

yes paid plan (business) ticket # 2174851

Poking around my account I see that this setting is set to root only for all my other zones, but I also cannot change it on any of them…

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