Cannot change billing/payment info

I’m trying to change my payment method.

Keep getting 2 Red Banners saying I need to fill out a captcha form, but no redirection to a capthca form… AND there is a problem communicating with the Billing System if I try to add a backup payment method.

What to do???

I have an invoice due…

Hi richkwasniewski,

Have you submitted a ticket regarding this issue yet, so that our team can assist you in troubleshooting this issue?

I have submitted a ticket, yes

Can you post the ticket number so Laurie can find your case?

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Hi @richkwasniewski, sorry for the issues you’re hitting. Duplicate tickets slow down response time for everyone, so I merged them into 2054866, that ticket has a link to this thread and contains the details you submitted.

The 1293 error you’re seeing appears to be a rate limiting error caused by too many attempts to change the payment method. But, when the engineer reviews the ticket they can verify, I’ve added myself to that ticket to keep track of progress.

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I just tried “again” to add a backup credit card.
Failed like every other time.
This time I even tried it via Chrome…

Ticket #2054858 was "closed a short while ago with a generic canned response bla bla bla

I can’t change my address either… I moved across the alley to another building, same failures with that.

I keep getting a “red banner” across the bottom oif the page telling me I need to enter “captcha” data because there qwere too many attempt with the form (???)

I also get a red banner saying there was failure to connect to the billing system…

same all morning, all the time…


Hi richkwasniewski,
To re-open a ticket after an auto-reply you just need to reply to it. I have, however, reopened and escalated the ticket for you at this time. I would recommend that you reply with what exact error you are seeing in the red banner in order to give more detail in the ticket.

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OK, It’s been 4+ hrs since I logged in and tried" to add a backup credit card for payments.
I get the exact same error if I try and change anything on the existing card, (which has expired)

I don’t understand why I’m getting flagged for too many attempts. How many is “too many” and within what period? Hours?Same day??

Enclosed is a screen capture of the errors I just got…

Same error(s) if I try and change my address, which I need to do, because I moved across the alley to another loft building earlier this year.

What to do??? This doesn’ seem to be going anywhere…