Cannot cancel my Cloudflare account

Hello everyone,
I follow the step to cancel my Cloudflare Account by using

When i click Submit Request buttom or using, it will auto redirect me to the suppor website only

Seeking for any help, Thank you everyone

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

thanks for reply
am i need to REMOVE all my domain first?
because when i click Get More Help, it tell me i need to select a domin first

Hi @zxepte, if you cant take the steps @sdayman suggested, please email support AT Cloudflare DOT com. Please share the ticket number here and I’ll follow it. Sorry for the troubles.

Edit, I’d not do anything yet as that way you can time it with their reply.

@cloonan ticket number is #1713203
As i need to cancel a few of my accounts, will the cancellation start when i sent the request Email?
Thank you for you help

Thank you. I’ll add myself to the ticket. Nothing will happen quickly. An auto reply with ask you to verify a bunch of things and take some actions. Once you reply to that, an engineer will take it from there with you.

Thank for your help.
Sorry for one more question, as i need to cancel a few of my accounts and i cannot using Submit button, do i need to sent email and contect you everytime to submit all my cancellation? Or i just need to sent email?

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