Cannot cancel domain transfer

I forgot to disable whois on my old registar before transferring it to cloudflare and I am trying to cancel the transfer on cloudflares side. I click the cancel button, it spins for a second then does nothing. I made a support ticket and it told me to post here which I am doing. Any ideas?

May I ask have you tried using a different Web browser?

Also what is your domain name?

In case if the transfer is in progress, this means that your request has been submitted by Cloudflare to your previous domain registrar. In case you have confirmed your request to transfer away, maybe you would need to reach out to your previous domain registrar if you need to stop the transfer process.

As far as I remember regarding transfering .com TLD domain’s, usually you should get a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address which was listed in your WHOIS record. That e-mail usually includes a link that will let you immediately approve (or cancel) the request. If not response in approx. 5 days, the transfer will be completed.

More useful information:

May I ask you to post your ticket number here?

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