Cannot cancel Argo subscription

I got an email saying that I have been using premium services(Argo) without paying and that from next month onwards I’ll get charged for it. I used Argo tunnels a while back and cancelled it. But I never used Argo.

Now when I go to the subscriptions section, I can see Argo there, but there’s no option for me to cancel Argo. I already turned off Argo from the dashboard & also tried private browsing. Any help on resolving this problem?

Do you have a ticket opened for this? That’s a weird ending date.

I think that’s when I cancelled the Argo tunnel subscription.
Yeah, I already created a ticket and since I’m not a paying customer I had to ask this in the forum first.

What’s the ticket number, @nmasnadithya?


I’ve escalated this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team.

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Thanks a lot :blush:

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Hi @nmasnadithya,

Checking your ticket, it appears that you never replied to the auto response, which then allowed the ticket to automatically solve. I have updated your account at this time referencing that ticket.


Hi @Laurie,

The auto-response was added and the ticket was marked as resolved right after I submitted the ticket. So, based on the message in the auto-response, I thought that I have to ask in the community forum and wait for 72h before I could reopen the ticket.

Even now, the ticket shows as resolved. Please let me know how to proceed with this. Thanks a lot for looking into this. :blush:

Sorry for any confusion regarding that. You can anytime you receive an auto reply, reply to that ticket and that will reopen the case.

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