Cannot add users

Hi. I’ve just joined Cloudflare with a Pro account. DNS records all updated fine. Now I need to grant access to our developers. I can go to and click on Access. I’ve signed up for a basic plan and I’m told I have used 0 out of 5 users. Then what?

I have an e-mail address I want to grant access to, but there are no clues on how to do this, and the only post I can find on this topic has about 70% of users clicking the ‘not helpful’ button.

Does anyone have any tips? Thanks.

:wave: ben20,

Cloudflare Access is a tool to protect access to applications or websites using an IDP. It isn’t a mechanism to add users to manage your Cloudflare account.

Adding users to your account can be done by clicking Home and going to the members section.



Aha! A hidden menu, that vanishes once you click on the domain you want to manage. Thank you for the tip Oliver. I’ve spent about half an hour wrestling with that one today. :slight_smile:


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