Cannot Add Subdomain

Having no luck adding a subdomain. First I added the subdomain via cPanel for domain in question. Then I added via CloudFlare DNS Management:

When I try to browse the subdomain, I get Server Not Found error.

Does your cPanel have a DNS list for that domain? A subdomain would usually be an “A” record that matched the main domain’s IP address.

If you posted the actual full hostname (, we could check.

Here you go:

There’s no DNS entry for dns-propagation-checker. Your image indicates you have a CNAME called dns-propagation-checker that points to the dnspropagationchecker subdomain, but that doesn’t exist either.

If you created dns-propagation-checker in cPanel, it should work if you add an “A” record here for dns-propagation-checker with the IP address of your server. Most likely the same .237 one as the main site.

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Oops, my bad. I added subdomain incorrectly into CF. I added as dnspropagationchecker. Should have been dns-propagation-checker. Changed and saved. See any other problems. And, thanks for the help!

There you go hope this solves your problem

Unfortunately no. Problem persists, unless it is a matter of the DNS change propagating.

You will need to add a record in your Cloudflare DNS for the subdomain to resolve.

This tutorial might help, when you add the record, just make sure that the name is set to the name of the subdomain you want to add. So if I have configured in Cloudflare and want to add , I would call the record subdomain .

Assuming that you have configured the subdomain on the same server/hosting account as as your main domain, you should point the record to the same place.

This tutorial covers adding general DNS records and specifically A, AAAA, CNAME, MX and TXT records. Go to the [DNS app] of your Cloudflare dashboard. Enter your credentials and click ‘Log In’ Click the domain in question [Please note, the content of the records below are solely for example purposes and should be replaced by valid records with content provided by your web host] Please select which record you need help adding:

These may help:

Thanks for that! I did do two edits yesterday before I saw your last post. I bingo, the subdomain appeared. Nevertheless, thanks for steering me in the right direction! All is good now :slight_smile:

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