Cannot Add/Save Payment Info

I have been attempting for the last 3-4 days now to add my billing information so that I might migrate registrar. No matter what I do, clicking the blue confirm button once finished entering all my details does absolutely nothing. The payment info isn’t saved. I navigate away from payment info and then back and nothing saved.

I have tried on Windows 10 Pro with the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge…none will save the payment info.

I then attempted the different browsers again on a virgin system within a couple VMware virtual machines, specifically, Windows 10 and Ubuntu with their preinstalled browsers; Edge and Firefox respectively…still, none will save the payment info. I also tried in Safari on macOS, can’t even load the page correctly to get to enter the info.

To rule out my home network, I tried to enter the info again with several browsers at my work…Edge, Firefox, Chrome still will not save the payment info. Again at work, to be sure to use a clean system I launched Windows 10 Sandbox and used Edge within that session to try and enter payment info…information again will not save when clicking the blue confirm button.

I’ve tried deprecated Internet Explorer (but login page doesn’t even load)…

I had asked about this as a secondary issue in the posted linked here with attached errors: Cloudflare will validate the certificate on your behalf. No action is required - Security - Cloudflare Community

And here are fresh warnings/errors screenshots from the Windows 10 Sandbox environment running Edge:


Is it me or is this a Cloudflare known issue?

Hi @user8729,

What is the error code that you see in the dashboard when you attempt to add the payment method? And have you sent a ticket to the billing team at [email protected]? If so please provide that ticket number.

Well, that is just it when I said it does nothing…there are no errors, no indication it does anything. Only when you press F12 to bring up developer tools do you see the warnings/errors per my screenshots. I have not emailed [email protected] for a ticket but will do that now and cut and paste my description so far if that helps.

Ticket # 2301597

HI @user8729,

This has been escalated to our team.

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thank you

You’re welcome!

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