Cannot add new wordpress post

since i activated CF on my blog ( i’m experiencing a few issue i’m not sure if CF related or what else.
At this time i cannot add any new post, but i can edit existing ones.

When i click for new post it appear a page with critial error (from console looks like error 500)

The reason why i want to make sure this is not CF related is that the problem persist even after i reinstalled wordpress core files, switched theme to default and deactivated all plugins. This is weird, that’s why i’m actually pointing to Cloudflare.

I found here some topics that looks similar to my issue, so i followed some of the given suggestions like:

  • Create rule for wp-admin with: Disable Security, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance (and set it one top of the other rule which is the cache everything’s)
  • Switch SSL from Full to Full (strict)

any ideas or suggestion might be appreciated. Thanks

Hi there,

I don’t see any errors from your site.

Can you share more information? As much of the following information as you can share is helpful.

Hi yuri1 thanks for your reply.
After many more tests it ended up there was something that was corrupting 2 of my saved database backups and was at the origin of the whole problem.

Things seems to be fine now.

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