Cannot Add New Site to Cloudfare

I am getting “invalid domain” error message when I try to add our website ( to my Cloudflare account.

The original website was created as a subdomain on our primary domain on Azure but we moved the info site to SiteGround and would like to make it even faster by adding it to Cloudflare.

Could anyone point me in the right direction so I can register it?

Thank you for your assistance.

Cloudfare Add Site Error

That’s not a domain, that’s a URL.

You have to add

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I tried using on Cloudfare and SiteGround but that wasn’t accepted either (see image below). That was the reason why I tried the full URL to check whether it makes any difference.

NOTE: I cannot add because flutacking is a separate website. We split the original website, called flutracking, into two separate sites. The registered domain called flutracking, developed in C#, is used for data collection and management and it’s located on Azure. The info.flutracking subdomain, used to provide information about the website to visitors, was developed in WordPress to allow our non-developers staff to maintain the information on the site. We moved the information site to SiteGround and had to keep the info.flutracking name so I was wondering whether there is any way to add Cloudfare CDN to it to make it faster.

I know it was originally registered as a subdomain so I am not sure whether this is possible or whether we have to register the site as a separate domain like infoflutracking or flutrackinginfo to make it work.

Could you please let me know what do we have to do.

Thank you for your assistance.

You’d need at least a Business plan to enable a CNAME setup ->

Otherwise you can only add the domain itself.

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