Cannot add my domain to Cloudflare

I cannot add my domain , it always let me complete my nameserver setup.
It seems that there is one more dot at the end of the nameserver but i’m sure that there is no dot when I change the nameserver on Alibaba.

You don’t always need the dot. How long has it been?

6 days since 2022/1/4, I have changed the nameserver to the server which Cloudflare required multiple times.But Cloudflare always can’t complete this step. My last change is at 2022/1/9

Are you sure you removed any others?

I see these

You need to contact your registrar

I’m sure I remove the above two and others, they are my original nameservers.
That’s weird. The picture above shows my search result, I cannot see these two in my registrar or the (ICANN Lookup) website.
Thanks, I will contact my registrar.

Do DNS Check here

dig +trace ns for your domain still shows old name servers. WHOIS at shows correctly, but that data has not propagated for some reason.

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