Cannot add DNS records with the same name

I am trying to add a CNAME record but when I save i get an error message, An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. For more details, refer to (Code: 81053)
I have an A record in the DNS pointing to the same host. Do I need to delete this A record and then add the CNAME record?
If I do this will it stop the site from working?
Sorry, I am a complete NOVICE to DNS records.

What is the goal you are trying to achieve? Please explain in more detail.

You can’t have a CNAME record if you already have an A or AAAA record for the same name, that wouldn’t make any sense.

If you delete your A record, that will stop your site from working.

I have been using bigcommerce for the DNS in the past and I have been advised that Cloudflare and specifically orange to orange is recommended.
I have moved all the information from the DNS setting of bigcommerce to Cloudflare and it is working perfectly. Now to set up orange to orange I need to add a CNAME record for my domain and then point it to my store address but because there is already an A record for my domain that points to an IP address it won’t allow me to do it.
I understand I can’t have an A record and a CNAME record at the same time but I don’t understand how to fix this.

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