Cannot add custom domain to pages

The “Continue” button is dissabled.

That’s weird? No other record for that subdomain already exists?

Usually CF will provision the DNS record for you

I’m having the same issue right now.

Hey, this is a known issue and the team is aware. This should be resolved soon :slight_smile:


I added the DNS record manually.

Thanks Walshy, do you have a source of information from cloudflare about this issue?

The Discord is the best info for anything related to Workers (and related) right now. An employee mentioned over there it’s been passed on to the team.

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I am also having an issue.
Any updates? Our production deployment is blocked because of this.

I got updated ~20 mins ago that a fix will be out soon :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue right now.

Have same issue.

And, I created CNAME entry by myself, but website is still not working because of timeout error. Looks related. @Walshy FYI

Yeah, you can’t do it yourself, the custom domain part does some whitelisting.

I have just asked for another update and the fix may not go out until tomorrow. Wiill see if it can be any quicker

A fix is rolling out, you should now be able to add a custom domain again. If you’re still seeing the problem, please wait a little for the fix to roll out.

Feel free to let me (or other community champs) know in Discord if the issue is not resolved in an hour or two.


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