Cannot Add CNAME Record


Hello -

Excuse my total ignorance, DNS is something I am just starting to learn!

I am trying to set up a subdomain, such as, to redirect to a sharepoint link. However, I try to set up this in the CNAME section of the Cloudflare portal, and it gives me an error “Invalid hostname: Use ‘@’ to represent the root domain.”. I don’t know that I understand enough about DNS to know what this means, but I know that when using Network Solutions to do the same thing, adding a CNAME record for a subdomain is as simple as that.

I appreciate your responses!


The CNAME should only be ‘test’ and point to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Remember that a CNAME, or any other DNS entry, can not include a path.


Ok! That makes sense, thank you!

How do I create a DNS entry that DOES use a path? For example redirect to


You can’t. You’ll need a Page Rule that will forward the test subdomain over to a page at sharepoint. At that point, the URL in the browser will show sharepoint.

I’m not familiar with the inner workings of Sharepoint, but it doesn’t seem that using a custom domain is straightforward.