Cannot Add CNAME Record to DNS

I’m trying to add a CNAME record but my domain was purchased through Squarespace. In Google Domains having two CNAME records worked but with this, it is not working

Anyway around this?

A CNAME can’t have the same hostname as another record, including another CNAME, by definition.


And the solution?

What are you trying to achieve, some form of load balancing or failover? If so, 2 A or AAAA records, but those are IP address not name based solutions, or maybe Cloudflare’s load balancer.

Whatever it is, it can’t be done with 2 CNAMEs with the same name.

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Decide if www should use Squarespace or the other site. If you want to use the platform with funnel in its canonical name, you can either edit your existing www CNAME or delete it and add it again with the desired target.

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Hey there, I recorded a loom video for you to look over. I think I did your solution but was still not able to get it to direct to the correct page


Your name is working fine. It’s your www name that is returning 404. This indicates that the origin server is not configured correctly. If you want them both to go to the same page, you could easily fix this with a redirect from www to the root in Cloudflare.

See example number two in this guide.

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