Cannot add CNAME record from Railway

I cannot add CNAME record, as Railway requires: ‘DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid’.

Using documentation, I’ve succesfully changed DNS, but couldn’t complete the setup and add CNAME record with ‘@’ name and g7luds04.up.railway… The ‘@’ is being replaced automatically with helenkapatsa ru.

That’s how it is supposed to be.

What have you entered as content when you saw this error?

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Tried both production link (web-production-99b09 up railway app) and instruction link (g7luds04 up railway app) with 72 hrs awaited. Now with the second link status has changed to ‘Cloudflare proxy detected’ seems to work fine for me now and shows the same page as

Is that not how it’s supposed to be?

Yes, it is working correctly now!
It’s sad to realise that I’ve put production link instead of instruction one.

The thread can now be closed.

For those who met the same problem and found this page:

  • When Cloudflare changes @ to domain name, it’s OK
  • Double check what link you are putting into CNAME record
  • Check whether your browser keeps suggesting address starting with https + www.
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