Cannot add city/state domains

I haven’t seen a confirmation on these boards that we can use Cloudflare for 4th level domain names. Since this is how all domains, work, then that would exclude Cloudflare for this use?

I’m trying to add either or even to a new Cloudflare account. Is this possible?

we have and works fine. Easiest way is to try add it

Miroslaw Pabian

You should be able to add, but not the ci subdomain, as appears on thePublic Suffix list.

However, you need active nameservers for the domain, and they need to match the data from Whois, which currently has no data for that domain.

Thanks everyone for the info. We’re not sure how the current domain owner managed to set domain name servers for the 4th level name and not the 3rd level name, but I do see that there aren’t any active right now, which explains why Cloudflare won’t let us provision.

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